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Gargano or "Mountain of the Sun" is the cape of the Puglia, han allonge towards the Adriatic sea.
The Gargano, with beyond 2000 square kilometers of surface, offers to panoramas and beauties many several and all to discover, from the coasts that alternate spiagge of sand and reefs, to the entroterra to collinare (with mounts that catch up the 1000 meters), to ancient and beautiful citizens.

In the complex, the Gargano, has a typically Mediterranean landscape, with uliveti and citrus groves that come down sweetly towards the sea and mountains that are dived to peak in one of the beautifulr seas of Italy.

The Gargano is nature uncontaminated with its 85 the species of spontaneous orchidee, with its "Umbra Forest" green heart of the National Park of the Gargano with its humid zones like the "Oasi Lago Salso" meeting of fenicotteri and other animals of swamp.

The Gargano is also a mix of religion and mystic, with two of the more important world-wide goals than pilgrimage:
Monte Sant'Angelo and its basilica of S.Michele Archangel and San Giovanni Rotondo with tomba and the new church of Padre Pio (designed from the arch. Renzo Piano), moreover the Gargano is crossed from the ancient "Sacred Way Longobardorum" (road that the pilgrims covered coming from the northern regions) marked from one remarkable series of sanctuaries mail to regular distances: Saint Maria of Stignano and of Saint Matteo in Saint Marco in Lamis, the Cove of Saint Michele to Monte Sant'Angelo, Saint Leonardo in Siponto to Manfredonia and, finally, the sanctuary of the Incoronata to Foggia.

Obviously, the Gargano is tourism with the infinite possibilities to receive to the sea or in mountain in its hotels, bed and breakfast, or to enjoy the vacations in its villages, you camp and farm holidays or simply to rent a house for the vacations to Vieste, Mattinata, Rodi Garganico, San Menaio, Peschici or on the splendid Tremiti Islands it shakes to you.

The Gargano is a nature compendium, the sun that shines for all the year, the sea still incontaminato, the forests, the pinete odorose, the wind and the marine waves modeling the stone of the coast, has created true capolavori of nature which coves, faraglioni, bays, insenature that they ollow along all coastal the full of rocks one, ancient the genuine sapori of a gastronomia of and noble origins that hands on the ancient wisdom to use the earth and the sea for to nourish itself.


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